Application Development - Our talented developers can help you with your custom software application. Whether you need us to take over your existing application or create a new custom solution, Haeger Design has the resources to meet your needs.

Development Specialties

  • - SiteCore (Web Forms or MVC)
  • - E-commerce development
  • - Social Network development
  • - Contact Management development
  • - Lead Management development

SiteCore Custom Website Development

Haeger Design has created sites of all size using site core. Whether you need a simple marketing site or a full blown multilingual ecommerce site we can handle your project. We are able to take the project from concept to completion or take over your existing code base. Working on sites that get over 50 million visits a month has given us great insight into what we can do to increase performance.

E-commerce Websites

Haeger Design makes selling your product online painless with our hosted e-commerce shopping cart. These carts can be customized to fit your business needs and support a myriad of payment options including Pay Pal, and online check. Our shopping cart management tool is one of the most advanced carts on the market. We have a proven track record of making sales happen that our competitors can't beat. Plus, our shopping cart is easily customized, giving you the flexibility to make your customer's online shopping experience fit your business model.

Learn more about our ecommerce solution.

Web Prospecting Websites

Prospecting for new business leads or getting feedback from existing customers have never been easier. Sign up for one of our service plans and start collection leads today. Our web prospecting business is a hosted solution that allows you to create new quizzes or questions on the fly and if you can add a link to your website there is no need to contact your IT department. These forms can be styled with your look and feel and will feed directly into our custom CRM to allow you to manage those leads.

Learn more about our lead management solution.

iPhone/Android Applications

Do you have a special need to create a phone app? Let us help you get your product, game or service online. Reviewing your technical requirements we can help you decide what is the best approach to building this to work with the most phones available. Whether we build a native or an Html5 application we can help guide you to get the most out of your budget.

Learn more about our phone application solutions.

Marketing Websites

Bringing your corporate brand to the web takes design and technical skill. Haeger Design has created hundreds of sites for all types of companies; from simple informational sites to complex, interactive web sites built on databases, we've done it all. Whether it's adding animation, video, or jQuery elements, we know how to keep your potential customer engaged. We understand how people use the web and we'll use that knowledge to create a site that fits your company's needs.

Search Engine Optimization

Designing a site to perform well in Google is the first step to get better rankings. Once your web site is laid out properly, we identify the keywords that will most benefit your company and then refine the copy to reflect those keywords in the proper ratio to attract web crawlers. SEO work is a painstaking and time consuming process, but well worth the effort. When done correctly, SEO helps keep you near the top of the rankings.

Ad Words Campaigns

Haeger Design has been creating Ad Words campaigns for our clients and our company since the inception of the program. We understand that staying on top of your paid placement advertising is a process, not a single event. Setting up campaigns and identifying keywords is just the beginning. To get the best results from your Ad Words campaigns, you must make adjustments to rates and keywords based on market activity. At Haeger Design, we have the experience and know-how to get the most value out of your Ad Words budget.