Our goal is to become a strategic partner that helps your company reach its full potential. Whether your project takes two hours, two weeks, or two years, Haeger Design has the resources to help you reach your goals.

Hosted Application Services

  • Ecommerce Shopping Cart
  • Haeger Design offers an easy solution for selling products online that can be deployed quickly. Our portal driven shopping cart creates a truly custom shopping experience for the end user that you can manage from a central management application.
  • Online Magazine
  • Our solution allows you to add your latest magazine to your web site quickly and easily. No programming knowledge is required; simply follow the short, step-by-step instructions online and your magazine will be available online to people around the world.
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Haeger Design's CRM software can be customized to fit your company’s needs with just a few clicks of the mouse. It can collect leads from your web forms and export contacts to Excel and other database programs. Our product allows you to organize and manage your collected data to meet your specific CRM needs.
  • Social Networking Site
  • This complete application has too many features to list. It is a portal driven site that can be more localized by adding filters to the sub portals. A Flash chat tool and web-based mail are just two of the features that make this truly a powerful tool. It has a banner advertising system that allows you to start making money right away. We can create a custom look that will make this software look unique to your company.
  • Custom Framing Solution
  • Haeger Design's custom-written Flash framing solution is a versatile tool to make any artwork or photograph site an instant success. Change the look with a simple skin and style sheet to make it match your site.

Mobile Application Development

  • iPhone or iPad native apps
  • Android native apps
  • HTML5 web application development
  • iPhone, iPad or Android game development

Managed Services

  • IT Support
  • Whether it is full scale take over and management of your IT services or it is merely a staff augmentation we can help your company get more out of your IT budget.
  • Managed Application Support
  • Our developers are skilled at programming in many languages. Our development philosophy is to produce clean code that follows the way your business application was written. As we produce the needed changes or additions, we are meticulous at documenting our work for others to follow. New applications are written to your company’s specifications and are provided with written documentation using industry standards.

Medic Services

  • IT Analysis
  • Not sure if you're covered in case of a system crash? Let us come in and do a full scale review of your network, servers and/or backups. We will do a comprehensive study of the reliability and the security of your company's infrastructure.
  • Is it time for a fresh set of eyes to look at your custom software? We listen to your business needs and then review your software, document any issues we may find, and then assess the next step.